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Graffiti Artist Darryl McCray  - Introduction to the Graffiti Culture
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Cornbread the Legend, Pioneer of what we now know as Modern Day Graffiti Artist invites you to share in his memories of the beginning and his continuing contribution to Hip Hop and the Graffiti World.   In 1967, the Philadelphia teenage revolution took place.  the new beginning was the visual art movement.  It was followed by the rap music industry and then came the B -Boy dance.  This new expression was called, "Hip Hop." 
As in no other time in the chronology of the Black teenager, was the child of the 60's, divided in thought and action from parental control.  the break spurned by the need for free thought and movement, created the behaviors that are exhibited by Cornbread.
Cornbread is the youngest person ever to establish an international art movement.  He changed the historical course of his generation and generations that followed.  He gave birth to a global phenonmenon.
Darryl "Cornbread" McCray was born and raised in the Brewery Town section of North Philadelphia, PA., U.S.A.  A graduate of Simon Gratz High, Class of 1971.  He advanced his education, completing two years at Community College of Philadelphia. 
He is the pioneer father of the hip hip visual art movement.  Graffiti was his art form.  Cornbread wrote his name everywhere and anywhere, skyscrapers, police cars, subways, the city of Philadelphia was Cornbread's canvas.  his most infamous escapades included spray painting his name on a TWA jet which had brought the Jackson 5 to Philadelphia.  "Cornbread" was also spray painted on a live elephant at the Philadelphia Zoo.
He used positive talents as a gang worker to promote peace among hostile youth during the height of the gang war era.  He used his notoriety to motivate trouble teenagers steering them in a positive direction as a youth counselor at several juvenile delinquent facilities.  He was a supervisor under former Mayor Wilson Goode's anti-Graffiti Network to combat the plight of graffiti when Philadelphia became the graffiti capital of the world.
The culture he started had reached Hollywood.  He was approached by a movie production company with interest in producing a movie about his life, his involvement was deleted during early pre-production stages.  The movie industry robbed Cornbread as result of his fame,  Cool Earl was Cornbread's close friend.  Several years later the movie, "Cornbread, Earl and Me" appeared in movie theaters. 
Cornbread is featured in Who's Who in Philly Hip Hop, his name appeared on television news, front-page newspapers, cartoon strips, editorials, magazine covers and a series of radio talk shows.
Cornbread sells his signatures to art collectors in Europe.
He is a paid speaker who speaks at colleges, universities, juvenile delinquent facilities, public schools, cultural centers and art classes. 
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Cornbread is featured in 20 hip hop videos, movies and documentaries. 
He played the role of Donnie Love starring Charles Dutton, in the movie entitled, "Must be the Music."
He played the role, Uncle Tommy, in the movie written by Charaty Vaughn, entitled, "Is this Love".
He played the role as Cornbread in the movie written by Miles Silas, entitled, "Good Brotha Bad Brotha."
His latest audition was in a movie starring DMX and Alicia Keys, the movie is entitled, "Dog Man", due to be released 20014.
There's an R&B music band entitled, " A Band called Cornbread."  the leader of the band is Rafael Parris, a renowned graff artist, who loves Cornbread so much he named his band after him.  One of their successful songs was about Cornbread.
Cornbread was the first who struck the spark to Hip Hop, he is the first element of Hip Hop and the Father of the graffiti culture worldwide.
On July 29, 2012, Philly Hip Hop and Graff Culture presented Cornbread a tribute.  Honor was given to host graff artist, rap artists, B -Boy dancers, poets and a selection of Philly and New York Hip Hop organizations. 
He works closely with Philadelphia Mural Arts Program directed by Jane Golden.
A documentary film on Cornbread's life was complete by Sean McKnight, entitled, "Cry of the City".  This documentary has been shown all over the world.
His ultimate objective is the remake of the movie Cornbread, Earl and Me let the truth be told.
In the year 2015, Cornbread will be inducted into the Hip Hop of Fame, Smithsonian Institution.
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